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  • Formation Evaluation

    Course Objective

    • The course stresses the theory, measurements, applications, limitations of the available logging tools Interpretation methods for rock typing, litho logy, porosity and hydrocarbon saturation are reviewed

    Who Can Benefit

    • Petroleum and reservoir engineers, production technologists, drilling engineers, geologists and geophysicists

    Course content

    • Introduction to the log evaluation
    • Well Logging and its applications
    • Basic Evaluation Concepts
    • Clean Formations Interpretation
    • RW determination Methods
    • The Sp Curve 
    • Gamma Ray Logs
    • Porosity:  Sonic Log
    • Porosity: Litho- Density Log
    • Porosity: Compensated Neutron Log
    • The EPT Log
    • RT from Resistively Tools
    • RXO From Micro Tools
    • Shaly Sands Interpretation

    Code Courses Title Date Venue Price Request
    EX12 Formation Evaluation
    21 Jun to 25 Jun 2020 Dubai contact us
    19 Sep to 23 Sep 2020 cairo contact us
    21 Nov to 25 Nov 2020 Sharm El-Sheikh contact us
    19 Dec to 23 Dec 2020 Istanbul contact us

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