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  • About us

    Our company Donma Training and Development Human established on January 2004 since then we are specializing in training courses in the fields of management, Technical and services courses.

    The company provides the annual plan includes a range of training programs, workshop to provide the skills, knowledge management, behavioral and functional for human resources.

    To enable them to keep abreast of developments that occur on our contemporary world in addition to the programs, which are under contract at the request of our clients.

        Basic Training Methodology.

    • Create training or development specification. We interested to know what Trainee requirement through the Identification application content some Questions help us to know Training requirement.
    • Active participation in training course through
    • Practical cases.
    • Evaluation Exams
    •  Discussions between trainers and trainee (Questions & answer)  
    • Allow flexibility for differing skill levels and goals.
    •  Ensure maximum interaction between trainee and Instructors.
    • Make learning natural, easy, and fun.

       Our Vision

    We offer (Technical & management) training & consulting services which have been designed to enable our clients    to become high performance. Organizations through the continuous changes which happen daily in worldwide

      Our Mission

    • Provide highly qualified training & consultancy to our valuable & Expected   Customers with the best qualified Experts.
    • Conducting training programs in different fields which fulfilling our clients training needs and requirements.
    • Offering feasibility studies and consultancy in various fields & departments to improve work performance.
    • Offering services for Technical and Management applications

    Objectives of our Training Courses

    • Face the continuous changes in today's working Environment.
    • Define and solve problems in works requirements.
    •  Improve practical examples for exercises for how to solve   problems.
    • Think more widely and solve daily problems in work
    •  Help the company to improve manpower

    Trainers over view

    • All our trainers have PHD and them teaching on Egyptian university.
    • They have huge experience each one in his specialist
    • They have training certificate from training organization

    In-House Training

    The courses we offer are available either as a company sponsored tailored option as public courses or selected from our schedule of open courses, as advertised in our Training plans. We also create and design training courses which suite our clients requirements and supporting it.

    Management courses

    • Office management & public Relation
    • Accounting and financial management
    • Marketing
    • Leader ship
    • Management communication
    • General management
    • Project management
    • Purchasing & inventory
    • Accounting & financial management
    • Human Resources

    Technical courses

    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Health Safety & environment
    • Industrial security
    • Process control & instrumentation
    • Production operations &technology
    • Oil Refining & petrol chemicals
    • Exploration  

    Our client

    • Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
    • Abu Dhabi oil Refining Company (Takreer).
    • KGOC, Kuwait gulf Oil Company. Joint Operations Wafra (PNZ) - Chevron.
    • P&GRS - EniRepSa Gas Limited
    • Saudi Aramco Oil & Gas
    • American university of Sharjah
    • King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies
    • King Saud University
    • Al Qassim Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    • Saudi Food & Drug Authority  - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    • National center For  Assessment  in Higher Education  - Saudi Arabia
    • Zain – Mobile Telecommunications company
    • Saudi Electricity company
    • Saline  Water Conversion  corporation  - Saudi Arabia
    • Thiqar Governorate Investment commission  - Iraq
    • Al- Anbar Investment Commission  -  Iraq
    • Salah Addin  Investment Commission -  Iraq
    • Bayt al – Hikma  - Prime Minister – Iraq
    • Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries &  Medical  Appliances corporation
    • Dubai Oil Refining company  ( Takreer )
    • P & GRS – Enirep Sa  Gas Limited
    • Ministry of Economy and planning – Saudi Arabia
    • GUPCO Petroleum Company - Egypt
    • Petro jet Oil Company - Egypt
    • Assiut Cement Company -  Egypt
    • Arab Contractors Company - Egypt
    • Allam Sons Company - Egypt
    • Talaat Moustafa companies  - Egypt
    • Gas  - Egypt  company
    • Tecnogas  -  Egypt
    • National Gas Company - Egypt
    • Syanko companies - Egypt
    • Arabian Gulf Oil Libya's Benghazi - Libya
    • Libyan Iron and Steel – Libya 
    • Waha  Oil  - Libya 
    • Harouge Oil operations   - Libya 
    • Azzawiya  Oil  Refining Company  - Libya
    •  Sirte Oil Company   - Libya
    •  Arabo Libya  Power and Energy  -  Libya 
    •  Arabo Libya industrial   - Libya
    •  Libyan Cement company  - Libya
    •  Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company “GNPOC” – Sudan
    • Nile petroleum company – Sudan 
    • Sudan National company  - Sudan  

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