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  • Industrial Waste Management

    Course Objective

    • Quantify and characterize MSW in a country and to understand properties commonly associated with MSW.
    • Describe the tasks and logistics of MSW collection, to analyze collection systems, and to become familiar with the principals and theory behind the use of transfer stations
    • Describe the components of a landfill and processes which take place in a landfill
    • Do the basic design calculations associated with landfills
    • Describe the most common waste processing techniques and their application areas
    •  Identify concepts of reduction, reuse and recycle
    • Develop a strategy to deal with special wastes, a.o. hazardous and health care waste

    Who Can Benefit

    • The course is designed for mid-career professionals who work in low-income countries or countries in transition, and deal with planning, promoting, designing, operating or managing solid waste systems for people in urban, peri-urban, slum or rural areas.
    • Participants are typically employed by government departments, private companies, NGOs, universities, research institutions, aid agencies or international bodies such as Who or unicef.

    Course Outline:

    • Introduction to Solid Waste Management
    • Solid Waste Characterization: Quantity and Quality
    • Generation of waste per capita and region
    • Composition of waste
    • Small scale industry waste in domestic waste
    • Organic agricultural waste (some specific cases as examples)
    • industrial waste
    • Waste Collection & Transport
    • Mixed collection or Separation at Source; Logistics; Transfer stations;
    • Machine park planning; Sub-contractors

    Treatment Technologies

    • Treatment based on type of waste
    • Anaerobic Digestion
    • Composting
    • Recycling of plastics
    • Batteries, e-waste; Incineration

    Financial, Social and Institutional aspects

    • Costs of collection
    •  separation, management
    • Equipment costs; Policy
    •  Legislative aspects
    • Local Regulations
    • Law Enforcement
    • Global Organizations involved in SWM
    • Gender Issues; Health and SWM

     Land filling

    •  Present and Desired Composition
    •  Planning (Site selection and EIA)
    •  Design; Biology
    •  Leachate production and collection
    •  Covering; redesigning an existing dump site
    • Operational and maintenance aspects
    • Capacity Building of operators
    • Methane production; Safety issues & public health; Post-closure phase.
    •  Cleaner Productions: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    •  Hazardous, Health care and other Special Waste






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