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  • Sustainability Development & Green Building Design

    Course Objective

    • Aware about the different types of sustainability development and realizing the potential of sustainability.
    • Understanding the operation of different phases of renewable energy.
    • Realizing the challenges of different renewable energy resources.
    • Understanding how to get the optimal building design

    Course Outline

    • Sustainable Approaches versus Conventional Attitudes
    • Realizing the motivation of moving toward sustainability development.
    • Introducing sustainability merits.
    • Practices
    • Giving schematic diagrams and pictures for different study cases.
    • Giving some real examples of sustainable solutions with proper discussion.
    • Different Types of Sustainable Energy Resources.
    • Introducing the conceptual operation and technical issues of wind energy, solar, tidal ,....etc
    • Practices
    • Presenting real cases with proper charts, pictures, of different phases of renewable energy.
    • Presenting statistical data for sustainable energy penetration.
    • Green Building Design
    • Realizing smart buildings, energy savings, recycling, etc.
    • Practices
    •   Presenting examples of smart systems and sustainable solutions.


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    HSE21 Sustainability Development & Green Building Design
    13 Jun to 17 Jun 2020 cairo contact us
    13 Sep to 17 Sep 2020 Malaysia contact us
    08 Nov to 12 Nov 2020 Beirut contact us
    13 Dec to 17 Dec 2020 Sharm El-Sheikh contact us

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