The Art Of Dealing With Others

Course outline

  • Good Manager, Bad Manager - What Do You Want to Be?
  • What can sabotage achieving success in a supervisory role
  • Techniques for gaining the respect of former coworkers and setting appropriate boundaries
  • Importance
  • Elements ,Methods
  • Obstacles
  • How to Recognize your Communication Ability
  • How to adjust and coach for better communication
  • The Process of Verbal Communication
  • Definitions and barriers
  • Verbal and non-verbal Behavior
  • One-way versus two-way Communication
  • The Importance of Listening
  • Listening Versus Hearing
  • Ten Tips to improve Listening Skills
  • Dealing with Different Personalities:
  • Ways to Cultivate Relationship and Resolve Conflict
  • Identify the types of difficult people
  • Understand why difficult people are difficult
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Use your communication skills to:
    • Control your behavior
    • Select appropriate ways of behaving
    • Influence others behavior
    • Give and receive feedback
    • Improve performance and manage
    • Carry out disciplinary procedures and interviews
    • Action plan of how to deal

Who Can Benefit?

  • Those who want to improve their communication skills, analysts, customer service and support personnel, & managers

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CM03 The Art Of Dealing With Others
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