Business Presentation Skills

Course Objectives

  • Understand and apply basic concepts to effective business presentations
  • Deliver a message that is both clear and appropriate to any audience
  • Use stories and analogies to make technical information familiar and relevant
  • Use body language and nonverbal messages to add variety and clarity to presentations
  • Translate technical jargon into nontechnical language any audience can understand
  • Practice actual presentations

Course outline

  • Importance of Communications in Business
  • The Communication Process
  • The Effective and Successful Presenter
    • Strategies for Addressing the Challenges Presented in Presentations
    • Individualized Speaking Skills Profile
    • The Structured Written Presentation
    • The Structured Verbal Presentation
    • Probing
    • Analyze Specific Aspects of Audience and Occasion in Order to Effectively Give a  Presentation
    • How to Move from a General to Specific Purpose for Speaking
    • Timetable for Preparation When Developing a Presentation
    • Planning
    • Various Types of Presentations
    • Establish and Apply Measurable Objectives to the Speechmaking Event
    • Practicing
    • Use of Voice and Action in Order to Add Interest and Clarity to a Presentation
    • Language Use to Build Credibility, Attention, and Retention of Information
    • Proven Methods for Turning Speech Anxiety into a Positive Force in a Presentation
    • Presenting and Processing the Presentation
    • The Appropriate Image to Present in Any Given Presentation Situation
    • Respond with Confidence and Clarity in Question and Answer Periods
    • Planning for Continued Growth and Development
    • Prepare a Self-Development Action Plan to Strengthen, Improve or Modify your Interpersonal Skills at Work

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CM01 Business Presentation Skills
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