Leadership & Communication Skills

Course Objectives.

  • Understand the power of leadership competencies
  • Know when to manage and when to lead his team
  • Clearly visualize his goals and communicate them to his team
  • Help his team find creative solutions to workplace challenges
  • Develop a high-performance team ie build a winning team
  • Use effective communication to motivate and coach
  • Find an appropriate balance between the five major leadership roles
  • Effective prepare for a Negotiation
  • Conduct and Close a Successful Negotiation

Course Outline.

  • Leadership
    • Functions of Management
    • Knowledge, Skills & Competencies
    • Traits of a Leader
    • Leadership Attributes
    • Situational Leadership
    • The Equity theory
    • The Contingency theory
  • Understanding how Teams Work
    • Defining Teamwork, Elements of a Good Team
    • Advantages of Team Work, Types of Teams
    • Matching Team to Task ,Analyzing Team Roles
    • Balancing Skills within a Team
  • Setting Up a Team
    • The Forming -Storming -Norming -Performing Stages
    • Setting Team Goals , Role of the Team Leader
    • Providing Support for a Team and Establishing Trust
    • Maximizing Team Performance
    • Factors Affecting Team Cohesion , Improving Team Cohesion
    • Establishing Effective Communications within the Team
    • monitoring Team Performance
  • Resolving Team Conflict
    • Defining Conflict , Recognizing and Verifying Conflict
    • How to Deal with Team Conflict ,How to Benefit from Team Conflict
    •  Strategies in Dealing with Team Conflict , The Sociometric Approach

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