Strategic Planning for Optimum Results

Course outline

  • Strategic planning - what is it?
  • Strategic planning versus long range planning
  • Strategic thinking and strategic management
  • What is a strategy and how do we develop one?
  • How to develop strategies
  • Strategic planning process basic steps
  • Step one - Getting started
  • Step two - Articulating Mission, Vision, and Values
  • Step three - Assessing the Situation
  • Step four - Developing Strategies, Goals, and Objectives
  • Step five - Completing the Written Plan
  • Mission Statements
  • The Vision Statement
  • Key Definitions
  • Situation assessment and the business process flow analysis
  • Gathering perceptions about the organization
  • Gathering management and staff perceptions of the organization
  • Gathering external customer perceptions
  • Evaluation of products, services and process
  • Cost-benefit analysis of process, products, or services
  • Business process flow analysis BPFA - an introduction
  • Team member guidelines and contributing roles
  • Discover Your Strategic Styles


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LD05 Strategic Planning for Optimum Results
15 Dec to 19 Dec 2018 cairo contact us
06 Oct to 10 Oct 2018 Istanbul contact us

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