Marketing -Free Market Economy

Course Objectives

  • Solve marketing problems
  • Develop an effective marketing plan
  • Evaluate pricing strategies
  • Manage the Product's Life Cycle
  • Understand the components of an effective marketing communications mix
  • Understand the impact of the Internet on marketing strategies
  • Maximize sales force and distributor relationships
  • Be familiar with the seven stages of new product development

Who Can Benefit?

  • Those who want to improve their marketing skills and relationships.

Course Outline

  • Marketing: The Big Picture
  • Marketing strategies and Plans
  • Product's Life Cycle management
  • Pricing
  • Market Segmentation and Effective Distribution Channels
  • Market Research
  • Promotion and Profitably
  • The Seven stages of new product development

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MK04 Marketing -Free Market Economy
08 Dec to 12 Dec 2018 cairo contact us
08 Apr to 12 Apr 2018 Dubai contact us
08 Jul to 12 Jul 2018 Istanbul contact us
13 Oct to 17 Oct 2018 Sharm El-Sheikh contact us

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