Cash Flow Management

Course Objectives

  • Determine the reasonable level of cash to keep on hand
  • Determine how much should the firm borrow in the short term
  • Determine how much credit should be extended to customer
  • Distinguish between cash management and liquidity management
  • Explain and manage float
  • Manage cash Disbursements
  • Plan how to invest cash Surpluses
  • Determine Target cash balance
  • Manage cash and liquidity

Who Can Benefit

  • VPs of Finance
  • Controllers
  •  Financial Analysts
  •  Accountants
  •  Project Managers and Leaders
  •  Budget, Business Analysts and Treasury Professionals

Course Outline

  • Short-Term Finance and Planning
    • Tracing Cash and Working Capital
    • The Operating Cycle and the Cash Cycle
    • The Cash Budget
    • Short-Term Borrowing
    • A Short-Term Financial Plan
  • Cash and Liquidity Management
    • Float Management
    • Cash Collection
    • Managing Cash Disbursements
    • Investing Idle Cash
  • Determining the Target Cash Balance
    • The BAT Model
    • The Miller-Orr Model: A More General Approach
    • Other Factors Influencing the Target Cash Balance

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AC04 Cash Flow Management
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23 Jun to 27 Jun 2019 Dubai contact us
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