Advanced Financial Accounting

Course Objective

  • Distinguish between the purchase method and pooling of interest method,
  • Prepare entries for two companies, each with goodwill, direct and indirect acquisition costs, issue costs,
  • Prepare determination and distribution of excess schedules.
  • Perform comparison of 100% purchase and pooling; record investments and prepare consolidated balance sheets,
  • Prepare elimination entries using the equity method and cost method,
  • Prepare consolidated worksheets.
  • Prepare journal entries to account for contracts that are denominated in foreign currency
  • prepare a translated trial balance along with the necessary consolidation entries.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Vice Presidents of finance
  • controllers
  • senior finance managers
  • Executives Accountants
  • Financial Affairs personnel

Course Outline

  • The Equity Method of Accounting for Investments
  • Consolidation of Financial Information
  • Consolidations - Subsequent to the Date of Acquisition
  • Consolidated Financial Statements and Outside Ownership
  • Foreign Currency Transactions and Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Translation of Foreign Currency Financial Statements
  • Worldwide Accounting Diversity and International Accounting Standards


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AC02 Advanced Financial Accounting
25 Nov to 29 Nov 2018 cairo contact us

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