Principles of OCB 283 Exchanges

Course Objective

This course aims to provide the technicians working at Telecom Egypt OCB 283 exchanges with the knowledge and skills necessary to be acquainted with the various components of OCB 283 exchange and functions By the end of this course the trainee should be :

  • acquainted with the components of customers old and recent stages
  • able to insert subscribers particulars
  • able to trace a call routing properly

Who Can Benefit?

  • At least technical or general (science section) secondary school certificate holders

Course content

  • Introduction to the system & various stations of OCB 283 exchanges
  • Main control station (SMC)
  • Auxiliary equipment control station (SMA)
  • Trunk control station (SMT)
  • Matrix control station (SMX)
  • Maintenance station (SMM)
  • Synchronization and time base station (STS)
  • Communication via a taken ring
  • Digital subscriber Access unit (CSN)
  • Exam

Code Courses Title Date Venue Price Request
CO06 Principles of OCB 283 Exchanges
19 Aug to 23 Aug 2017 Dubai contactus
07 Apr to 11 Apr 2018 Istanbul contactus
07 Jul to 11 Jul 2018 Sharm El-Sheikh contactus
07 Oct to 11 Oct 2018 cairo contact us

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