Basic Drill String Design & Inspection

Course Objective

  • The Course focus on the design process, reason of failure and prevention procedures The aim of this standard procedure is to reduce the probability of drill stem failures in drilling operations To accomplish this goal, this standard summarizes drill stem design practices, gives recommended inspection procedures for drill stem Components and outlines methods for certifying inspection companies

Who Can Benefit

  • Junior Drilling Engineers, Drilling Supervisors

Course content

  • Introduction
    •  Gives the scope
    •  general information and definition for the standard
  • Design- Gives procedures for drill stem design Industry accepted design formulas are employed but the design methodology is presented in easy-to-use worksheets
  • Inspection- Presents recommended inspection methods and required procedures for used drill pipe Rotary shouldered connections, heavy weight drill pipe and drill collars

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DR06 Basic Drill String Design & Inspection
22 Dec to 26 Dec 2018 cairo contactus
15 Apr to 19 Apr 2018 Dubai contactus
22 Jul to 26 Jul 2018 Istanbul contactus
20 Oct to 24 Oct 2018 Sharm El-Sheikh contact us

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