Advanced Seismic Stratigraphy

Course Objective

  • Separate fact from artifact in seismic stratigraphy processing and interpretation
  • Characterize reservoir rocks and their fluids from stacked and un-stacked (AVO) data
  • Apply 3-D seismic stratigraphy to field development
  • Interpret salt structures and their associated hydrocarbon potential
  • Predict intra-basin reservoir and seal quality as a function of sea level positioning
  • Generate seismic stratigraphy regional play concepts for a variety of tectonic-depositional settings

Who Can Benefit

  • Geophysicists, geologists, and explorationists who have completed Introduction to Seismic Stratigraphy: An Exploration Workshop, or have comparable training and desire a challenging workshop, which will improve exploration and development skills

Course content

  • Introduction
    •  Workshop strategy
    • historical perspectives of the science
    •  the seismic stratigraphy algorithm
  • Geophysical fundamentals
    • Synthetics I; petrophysics
    • effects of phase and frequency
  • Wavelet Analysis
    • Optimizing exploitation (VSP and AVO analysis for rock-fluid determination)
    • intracratonic basins
  • Wavelet Analysis
    •  Seismic reservoir characterization—rift basins
  • Seismic Sequence Analysis
    •  Modus operandi—divergent-margin case study
  • Seismic Sequence Analysis
    • Seismic facies analysis and ABC maps
    • Passive Margins II: delta-turbidites


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EX06 Advanced Seismic Stratigraphy
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