AVO & Seismic Attributes


Course Objective

  • Clearly understand how hydrocarbons affect the seismic image
  • Use direct hydrocarbon indicators and AVO in the assessment of projects
  • Understand the limits of seismic resolution
  • Integrate these technologies into an interpretation project
  • Better understand the nature of the seismic image as it relates to hydrocarbons
  • Utilize the information available in the literature from experts in this rapidly developing part of seismic imaging

Who Can Benefit

  • Geophysicists, geologists, explorationists, seismic interpreters, technical support personnel, seismic data processors, exploration, production, and acquisition managers, who need a clear understanding of the details of implementation and application of this technology

Course content

  • Seismic fundamentals as they relate to defining the appearance of hydrocarbons in The data
  • AVO and how it relates to the typical production zones around the world with various ages and depths of burial
    • Various methods of displaying AVO effects in the seismic data
    • Acquisition and processing considerations to display hydrocarbons as a pore filling material
    • Various approaches to seismic modeling and fluid replacement
    • Rock properties and pore filling material from seismic inversion
  • Spectral decomposition and seismic attributes as other ways of extracting reservoir information from the seismic image



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EX05 AVO & Seismic Attributes
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