Introduction to Seismic Stratigraphy

Course Objective

  • Identify stratigraphic sequences
  • Interpret seismic reflection geometries
  • Relate sequence stratigraphy to basin architecture, relative sea levels and history
  • Build predictive stratigraphic model

Who Can Benefit

  • Geologists, geophysicists
  •  Biostratigraphers and engineers (with some knowledge of geology) needing a fundamental understanding of the principles and applications of sequence stratigraphy

Course content

  • Historical framework
  • Seismic geometries
  • Unconformities
  • Relative sea level
  • Eustasy
  • Para sequences and their stacking patterns
  • Para sequences as a correlation tool
  • Relationship of stratigraphic patterns to changes in subsidence rates as driven by regional and earth scale tectonic processes
  • Cycle hierarchy
  • World-wide cycle chart and its application
  • The sequence stratigraphic model
  • LST sequence boundaries, diagenesis related to unconformities, incised valleys, slope fans, basin floor fans and prograding complexes illustrated by slide presentation and individual exercises
  • TST incised valley fill, two phase sedimentation pattern, source rock and reservoir seal illustrated by slide presentation and individual exercises
  • HST alluvial, deltaic, shoreline complexes and shelf sands illustrated by slide presentation and individual exercises
  • Exploration and production scaled case histories
  • Exploration/production strategies



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EX04 Introduction to Seismic Stratigraphy
12 May to 16 May 2018 cairo contact us
01 Jul to 05 Jul 2018 Dubai contact us
13 Oct to 17 Oct 2018 Sharm El-Sheikh contact us
23 Dec to 27 Dec 2018 Istanbul contact us

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