Oil Refining: From Crude Oil to Petroleum Products

Course Objective

  • To improve understanding and awareness of Crude Oil fractionation,
  • catalytic and hydorefining processes

Who Can Benefit

  • All refining personnel

Course content

  • Petroleum Products
  • Energy and non-energy products and their main uses
  • Principal components of petroleum products; general hydrocarbon
  • classification and main impurities
  • Quality requirements imposed on petroleum products
  • New trends in market structure and product characteristics
  • Refining Processes
  • Crude Oil fractionation
    • Origin, overall characteristics and classification of crude oils
    • Yields and properties of straight-run cuts obtained by distillation
    • Industrial units: topping, vacuum distillation, light-ends fractionation; various process schemes, operating conditions, energy consumption
  • Catalytic reforming and summarization
    • Basics of processes, types of catalysts, product yields
    • Industrial units : process schemes, operating conditions, equipment involved, energy consumption
  • Hydrorefining processes
    • Main features of impurities removal by catalytic hydrogen treatment
    •  Main refining applications
  • Conversion units
    • Characteristics and origin of feeds to be cracked
    • Conversion by means of thermal cracking: visbreaker, various cokers
    • Conversion by means of catalytic cracking
    • Recent developments in catalytic cracking of heavy residues
  • Base Lube Oil Manufacturing


Code Courses Title Date Venue Price Request
RF06 Oil Refining: From Crude Oil to Petroleum Products
06 May to 10 May 2018 cairo contact us
22 Jul to 26 Jul 2018 Dubai contact us
07 Oct to 11 Oct 2018 Istanbul contact us
22 Dec to 26 Dec 2018 Sharm El-Sheikh contact us

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