Atmospheric & Vacuum Distillation

Course Objective

  • To improve understanding of distillation and corrosion control

Who Can Benefit

  • Chemicals engineers
  • Forman's
  • Operators

Course content

  • Initial Fractionation Of Crude Oil
    • TBP analysis of crude oils
    • Determination of petroleum fractions in view of their end-use
    • Crude oils: overall properties and yields
    • Main crude oil fractionation schemes
  • Analysis of Operating Conditions of an Atmospheric Distillation Unit (ADU)
    • Typical unit: process scheme, operating conditions
    • Material balance: crude oil yields, product characteristics, separation quality
    • Crude intake temperature - over flash
    • Product stripping
    • Heat balance of the column – pump rounds
    • Liquid - vapor flows: fractionation and heat exchange zone
  • Desalting and Corrosion Control
    • Corrosion by sulfur
    •  napthenic acids and mineral salts
    • Crude oil desiting
    • desalter operation
    •  operating variables incidents and troubleshooting
    • Further neutralizing treatment
  • Analysis of Operating Conditions of a Vacuum Distillation Unit
  • Typical unit
    • process scheme, operating conditions
    • Material balance and separation quality
    • Vacuum system (Operating of steam ejectors and liquid ring pumps Operating conditions and supervision of vacuum systems Comparative performance Main incidents: causes and troubleshooting Operation of the
  • column and internals
    •  fractionation
    •  heat exchange and washing zone
  • Operation of the Multi-Draw off Columns



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RF04 Atmospheric & Vacuum Distillation
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