Contract Management & Tendering

  Course Objectives

  • Learn Methods of Tender Evaluation
  • Review Contract Strategies
  • Explore Steps in Developing Performance Based Service Contracts
  • Be Presented the Essential Elements Of A Contract
  • Be Given Examples and Sources Of Contract Checklist

Who Can Benefit?

  • Contracts, Purchasing Staff

Course Outline

  • Contract management and tendering - when does the process start?
    • What You Need To Know To Be Competent at Contract Management
    • Elements Of A Good Procurement and Competitive Bidding Process
    • Standards Of Ethical Practice
    • Example Policy "Relations with Suppliers
    • Selecting the Right Contracting Strategy
    • Types of Statement Of Work
    • The Importance of The Contract
    • Basic Contract Types
    • Basic Types of Project Deliver
  • Developing the tender
    • Objectives Of The Contract
    • Tender And Contract Check Lists
    • The Important Integration Clause
    • Inspection, Acceptance, Rejection
    • Clauses For Defects In Material And Workmanship
    • Developing Performance-Based Service Contracts
    • Penalty/Liquidated Damages Clause
    • Clauses For Spare Parts
  • Important elements of the contract
    • Saving With Economic Price Adjustment Clauses
    • Force Majeure Clauses
    • Contract Changes Clauses
    • Methods Of Payment
    • Progress Payments
    • Letters Of Intent, Award, And Side Agreements
  • Bidder selection and tender evaluation
    • Selecting The Bidders
    • We Want More Than The Lowest Price
    • How Do You Know You Got A Good Price?
    • Use Of Price Indexes
    • Electronic Evaluations
    • Requesting Cost Breakdowns And Evaluations Of Cost Breakdown
  • Managing the contract performance
    • The Criticality Of Good Contract Administration
    • Contract Changes
    • Determining Status And Expediting
    • Contractor Payments
    • How Contracts End
    • Remedies For Breach Of Contract
    • Types Of Bonds and Guarantees
    • Negotiation Tips

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