Safety Grounding

Course Objective

  • Understand the basic concepts of electric effect on human body
  • Explain preventive grounding
  • Apply knowledge of electrical safety and the dangers of improper operation of electrical equipment
  • Prevent, Report and investigate the various types of step voltages
  • Apply knowledge of electrostatics
  • Describe benefit of lightning protection
  • Explain the effect of the frequency , duration, magnitude of the current on the human body

Who Can Benefit

  • All engineers and technicians involved in the power sectors and power station operation and maintenance, and also in the factories, and enterprises, especially in distribution system

Course content

  • Concept Of Grounding
  • Introduction to grounding
  • Classification of grounding areas
  • Frequency Hazards recognition and methods of control
  • Current Hazards types (magnitude and value)
  • Hazards of Static Electricity, Lightning and Stray Current
  • Means of grounding
  • Current scotch hazards
  • Range of tolerable voltages
  • Range of tolerable current
  • Effect of frequency
  • Effect of magnitude
  • Effect of duration
  • Importance of high speed fault cleaning
  • Protection of personnel
  • Physiological reactions
  • Body resistance
  • Step voltages
  • Touch voltages
  • Accident ground circuit
  • Current paths
  • Fault equivalent
  • Ground equipments
  • Ground equivalent and methods
  • Ground cables
  • Master ground
  • Personnel ground
  • Ground grid
  • Soil resistance
  • Rod depth

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