Reactive Power Management & Power Factor Correction

Course Objective

  • Know the basic electrical system protection techniques including fault analysis
  • Understand of protective devices
  • Understand problems generally faced and solutions successfully adopted by industry
  • Learn to calculate the basic fault currents flowing in any part of the electrical system
  • Improve your electrical system protection against faults and over voltages

Who Can Benefit

  • The course curriculum is designed for electric power engineers Supervisors and qualified technicians can get considerable upgrading education The course is also beneficial for other engineers such as mechanical, communication engineers

Course content

  • Power System Faults
  • Short Circuit Theory and fault studies
  • Components of Power System Protection Schemes
  • Current Transformers (CTs) & Voltage Transformers (VTs)
  • Co-ordination of Electrical Protection Systems
  • Feeder Over current Protection
  • Transformer Protection

Code Courses Title Date Venue Price Request
EL02 Reactive Power Management & Power Factor Correction
04 Aug to 08 Aug 2018 cairo contact us
03 Nov to 07 Nov 2018 Sharm El-Sheikh contact us

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