Protection Of Electrical Systems

Course Objective

  • Know the basic electrical system protection techniques including fault analysis
  • Understand protective devices
  • Understand problems generally faced and solutions successfully adopted by industry
  • Learn to calculate the basic fault currents flowing in any part of the electrical system
  • Improve your electrical system protection against faults and over voltages

Who Can Benefit

  • The course curriculum is designed for electric power engineers Supervisors and qualified technicians can get considerable upgrading education The course is also beneficial for other engineers such as mechanical, communication engineers

Course content

  • Power System Faults
  • Different types of faults
  • Incidence of faults on power system equipment
  • Effects of power system faults
  • Magnitude of fault current, short circuit calculations
  • Detection of faults
  • Clearance of faults
  • Requirements of protective relaying systems
  • Short Circuit Theory and fault studies
  • Effects of short circuit
  • Fault current sources
  • Fault current characteristics
  • Equipment ratings
  • Fault calculations
  • Components of Power System Protection Schemes
  • Fault detecting relays
  • Tripping relays and other auxiliary relays
  • Circuit breakers - bulk oil, air-blast, vacuum, SF6
  • Current Transformers
  • Voltage Transformers
  • Ground Transformers
  • The transition from electro-mechanical relays to electronic and digital microprocessor-based relays
  • The application of programmable logic controllers
  • Modern microprocessor-based relays: review of types available
  • Current Transformers (CTs) & Voltage Transformers (VTs)
  • Various types of CTs, VTs & CVTs
  • Theory and characteristics of CTs
  • Application requirements of CTs for protective relaying
  • Accuracy classifications
  • Future trends in CT design
  • Testing of CTs and VTs
  • Co-ordination of Electrical Protection Systems
  • Fuse to fuse
  • Circuit breaker to fuse
  • Fuse to circuit breaker
  • Back up protection
  • Limitation of fault current
  • Selective zones of protection
  • Types of bus protection schemes
  • Basic concept of differential protection
  • Application to various bus configurations
  • Applications to switchboards
  • Testing of bus protection schemes
  • Feeder Over current Protection
  • Protective relaying requirements for loop and radial systems
  • Elements of feeder protection schemes
  • High set, low set, and inverse -timed elements
  • Co-ordination with other devices and fuses
  • Auto-reclosing of feeder circuit breakers
  • Various types of over current relays
  • Electromechanical, electronic & digital relays
  • Relay setting criteria
  • Testing of over current protection schemes
  • Transformer Protection
  • Over current and ground-fault protection
  • Application of differential protection to transformers
  • Gas relays, pressure and gas accumulation
  • Winding temperature and oil temperature devices
  • Testing of transformer protection schemes
  • Modern microprocessor-based multi-function relays-available functions, application and testing


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