Advanced Contracts Management

Course Objectives

  • Be more effective in contract management activities
  • Select appropriate type and form of contracts for different situations
  • Anticipate problems and manage risks
  • Integrate contract management with contract needs
  • Understand the best means of handling disputes and performance issues
  • Establish terms and conditions for different situations
  • Have the latest advances in contract selection and management

  Who Can Benefit?

  • Engineering, Projects, Construction, Tenders, Contracts, Buying, Purchasing, Procurement, Commercial, Finance

         Course content

  • Principles of Good Contracting
    • Why do we use contracts?
    • Key steps in the creation of a Contract
    • Essential elements of a valid Contract
    • Overview of Tendering & Contract Award Process
    • Advantages of tendering and some pitfalls to avoid
    • Other Types of Obligation Documents
    • When to Obtain Legal Advice
    • Law of Agency
    • Authority to sign contracts
  • Organizing strategies for Contract Management
    • Defining Contract Management Responsibilities
    • Basic contract planning
    • Communication and managing expectations
  • Assessing and allocating risk
    • Identifying Risk
    • Apportioning Risk
    • Selecting types of contract
    • Warranty Management
  • Effective handling of Contract Performance issues
    • Design and Specification
    • Work Ordering Process
    • Obligation to perform work
    • Transfer for ownership
    • Risk of damage
    • Contract Administration
    • Recovery Clauses - Acceleration
    • Insurance and Indemnities
    • Termination and suspension
  • Understanding change
    • Changes to the contract documents
    • Variations in scope
    • Managing change
    • Risks of uncontrolled change
  • Developing Contract Terms and Conditions
    • Finding Contract Templates
    • Using standard form documents
    • Modifying standard forms
    • Drafting special conditions
    • Issues for subcontracts
  • Eliminating sources of Contract disputes
    • Errors and omissions
    • Anticipating and avoiding Conflicts
    • Dealing with Unknowns
    • Tracking Changes
    • Managing Expectations
  • Resolving disputes
    • Negotiation
    • Litigation
    • Arbitration
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • The future in the Middle East
    • Revisiting Strategic Alliance and Partnering Agreements and BOT/BOOT
    • Prime Contracting and other Consolidated Sourcing Contracts
    • Online Contracting and e-tendering
  • Contract Management Review and Summary
    • Programme highlights and final observations

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PI03 Advanced Contracts Management
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