Contract Management and Tendering

Course Objectives

  • Compare different methods of identifying and assessing risk
  • Review the impacts of different approaches to risk allocation
  • Explore different Contract types to transfer risks
  • Consider the contractual techniques to ensure effective risk allocation
  • Review risk management techniques during the life of a contract
  • Defining various remedies to mitigate the exposure in the event that a risk occurs.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Staff Professional in Risk, Project, Contract, Project, Claims. Procurement Departments

Course content

  • Risk Assessment
    • Defining Risk
    • Categories of risk for both sides of a contract
    • Risk Assessment Process
    • Managing Risk
    • Defining Internal Control
    • Proportionality of Control
  • Minimizing and Transferring
    • Transferring risk through contract type
    • Firm Fixed Price or Lump Sum Contracts
    • Cost reimbursable Contracts
    • Incentive Contracts
    • Award-Fee Pricing Arrangements
    • Indemnities
    • Insurance
  • Risk Related Terms & Conditions
    • External events
    • Force majeure
    • Strikes and other labour disputes
    • Risk and Title
    • Use of ICC Inco terms
    • Assignment and Notation
    • Other clauses that need to flow down to sub-contractors
    • Risks associated with Sub-Contractors
  • Dealing with Financial Risks
    • Controlling Risk Associated with Payments
    • Currency Risk
    • Economic Risk
    • Fraud and Corruption
    •  Limiting or excluding liability
    • Distinctions between liability in contract, and the general law
  • Remedies When Bad Stuff Happens
    • Mistakes and Misrepresentations
    • Impracticability of Performance
    • Remedies Generally
    • Types o Remedies
    • Liquated damages
    • Warranties

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PI02 Contract Management and Tendering
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