Soot Blower System Maintenance

Course Objective

  • Identify the types of soot blowers and describe the difference in their use
  • Describe the operation of stationary and retractable soot blowers
  • Illustrate typical in-service and shop maintenance routines
  • Demonstrate the procedure for Reassembly, Reinstallation and Testing

Who Can Benefit

  • Mechanical Foremen & Technicians who are Involving in soot blower maintenance

Course content

  • Types of Soot Blowers and their use
  • Operation and Maintenance Problems
  • In-place Service - Inspection and Maintenance
  • Removal and Shop Maintenance
  • Reassembly, Reinstallation and Testing


Code Courses Title Date Venue Price Request
MC02 Soot Blower System Maintenance
08 Dec to 12 Dec 2018 Dubai contact us
15 Jun to 19 Jun 2019 Sharm El-Sheikh contact us
17 Aug to 21 Aug 2019 Dubai contact us
17 Nov to 21 Nov 2019 cairo contact us
15 Dec to 19 Dec 2019 Beirut contact us

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