Middle Management Skills

Course Objectives

  • Consider the different approaches to management within organizations
  • Study different ways of planning work to maximize efficiency
  • Developing an understanding of his organization and the environment within which it operates
  • Plan his own continuous professional development
  • Learn effective ways of managing individuals
  • Learn how to effectively lead meetings and briefings
  • Developing his ability to prepare and deliver professional presentations
  • Understand the supervisory principles & philosophy
  • Recognize your strengths and growth opportunities as a manager.
  • Recognize the four behavioral styles and how to coach each.
  • Capitalize on your style for more effective communication.
  • Delegate tasks to others.
  • Set SMART goals for yourself and others.
  • Provide constructive feedback and follow up on goals and workgroup targets with subordinates.
  • Counsel an employee who is not performing up to expectations.
  • Illustrate the impact of body language and voice tones on communication.
  • List tactics for dealing with difficult behaviors

Who Can Benefit

  • Middle-level managers responsible for managing other managers and/or professional staff Experienced professionals in roles equivalent to middle management who want to build on their understanding of how management

Course content

  • Managing Yourself
  • The Role of the Manager
    • What do effective managers do?
    • Action centered leadership
    • Management v Leadership
  • Communication and presentation skills
    • What makes someone difficult
    • The communication process
    • Effective communication
    • Communication impact
    • Verbal communication
    • Non verbal communication
    • Body Language
  • Time Management
    • Typical procrastinators & time wasters
    • What am I here for?
    • Establishing priorities
    • The Time Management Grid
    • Principles for effective personal time management
  • Decision Making
  • Managing Others
  • Delegation
    • What is delegation
    • Do you need to delegate more?
    • The advantages of delegation
    • Why managers don't delegate
    • What to delegate
  • Performance Management Appraisal
  • Conflict Management
    • Identifying the different types of conflict & problems
    • How do I handle conflict?
    • Conflict management styles
    • Systematic approach to managing conflict and solving problems
    • Skills / attributes for managing conflict
  • Motivation
    • Some well established theories of motivation
    • Team briefing

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