Project Planning Scheduling and Control

Course Objectives

  • Develop and use work breakdown structures
  • Develop realistic and measurable objectives to ensure positive results
  • Estimate project time and costs using proven techniques
  • Establish a project control system and monitor progress
  • Identify threats and opportunities to your project, and weigh their relative value

Who Can Benefit

  • Project managers
  • Project team members from Members of Process Improvement Teams
  • Technical professionals and engineers

Course Outline

  •   Foundations of Project Management
    • The nature of Projects and Project Management
    • Managing the triple constraints and the project life cycle
    • Managing stakeholders?
    • The project manager's responsibilities and the role of senior management
    • Project selection considerations and Needs Assessment
    • Developing Requirements
  •   Project planning
    • Scope definition
    • Developing the Work Breakdown Structure
    • Basic rules of estimating and Types of estimates
    • Estimating methodologies
    •   Identifying costs
    • Time-controlled estimates vs. resource-limited estimates
  •   Scheduling the work
    • Network scheduling
    • Use of the Gantt chart and Milestones
    • Making up time in the Schedule
    • Procurement planning
    • Communication planning
    • Quality planning
  •   Risk Management planning
    • Basic Foundations of Risk Management
    • Risk management Planning
    •  Risk identification
    • Risk analysis
    • Risk response Planning 
    • Risk response control
  •   Project Implementation
    • Project Baselines
    • Project Control 
    • Earned value
    • Causes of variances
    • Project audits
    • Dealing With Changes
    • Project Closeout

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