Managing Project Teams

Course Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the various relationships that must be simultaneously managed by a project manager.
  • Demonstrate the construction of project logic models.
  • Describe the resources that may be required for the successful completion of a project.
  •   Practice general management skills needed to get the best team and lead them through a successful project.
  • Get the right message at the right time through planning and careful tracking of stakeholder communication on the project.
  • To develop an understanding of how a project implementation may be control

Who Can Benefit

  • Project Managers, Contract Administrators

Course Outline:

  • Influence of Organizational Structures on Projects
    • Project Environment
    • Functional Organization
    •  Weak and Strong Matrix Organization
    •  Balanced Matrix Organization
  • Human Resource Planning
    • Project Relationships
    • Logic and Bar Charts
    • Resource Allocation
    • Resource and Task Characteristics
    • Resource Availability Levels
  • Development of Project Team
    • General Management Skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • Situational Leadership for Project Teams
    •  Motivating Your Project Team
  • Management of Project Team
    • Conflict Management Techniques
    • Project Performance Appraisals
    • Managing Team Meetings
    • Issue Logs
  • Communication as a Project Management Tool
    • Communication Planning
    • Information Distribution
    • Briefing Techniques
    • Performance Reporting
    • Monitoring and Controlling Project

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