Managing Time & Cost of Projects


Course Objectives

  • Understand project management framework, processes and tools in compliance with Project Management Institute (PMI) standards.
  • Focus on time and cost management.
  • Learn different methods of constructing project diagrams, schedules and plans.
  • Learn tools and techniques necessary to perform an in-depth analysis on project schedules and plans.
  • Identify different methods for cost estimation and project budgeting and capital budgeting.

Who Can Benefit

  • Project Managers, Contract Administrators

Course Outline:

  • Overview of Project Management
    • What Is a Project?
    • Project Life Cycle
    • Project Scope Management
    • Building Work Breakdown Structure
    • Activities and Milestones
  • Dependencies and Duration Estimation
    • Analogous Estimating
    • Parametric Estimating
    • Three Point Estimate
    • Mandatory and Discretionary Dependencies
    • Relationships between Activities
  • Project Scheduling
    • Arrow Diagramming Method
    • Precedence Diagramming Method
    • Constructing Project Network Diagrams and Schedules
    •  Critical Path Method
  • Project Cost Budgeting and Analysis
    • Cost Estimation Techniques
    • Cost Budgeting
    • Resource Allocation
  • Over-Allocation and Resource Leveling
    • Earned Value
    • Variances
    • Cost and Schedule Indexes
  • Capital Budgeting
    • Net Present Value
    • Payback Period
    • Benefit Cost Ratio
    • Internal Rate of Return

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PR04 Managing Time & Cost of Projects
10 Nov to 14 Nov 2018 Istanbul contact us

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