Project Team Leadership

Course Objectives

  • Develop the leadership skills to build and sustain high-performing project teams
  • Develop effective team performance through the Leadership Services 
  • Build a strong team identity through vision, purpose and commitment
  • Foster positive and productive team communication and define ground rules
  • Protect the team and convert conflicts into advantages that promote high performance
  • Maximize your leadership abilities when you return to your organization

Who Can Benefit

  • Leaders who want to build successful teams

Course Outline.

  • Introduction
  • Applying the Leadership Services Model
    • Shifting toward a service leadership approach
    • Setting standards
    • Building team identity
    • Optimizing work
    • Communicating clearly
    • Developing productive relationships
    • Protecting the team
      • Redefining the role of the project leader
      •  Building your best practice leadership toolkit
  • Defining the Team Development Framework
    • The start-up actions of effective leadership
    • Fostering a team state of mind
    • Enhancing productive teamwork
  • Planning for a Team-Driven Project
    •   Unleashing the power of participation
    • Implementing a participative approach to key planning tasks
  • Implementing Through Productive Team Leadership
    • Behaving powerfully and productively
    •  Optimizing communication
    • Managing for agreement and handling conflict
  • Enhancing Team Performance
    • Diagnosing team status
    • Integrating team personality differences
    • Creating an efficient environment
    • Insulating the team from outside pressures
    • Enabling productive dissent


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PR02 Project Team Leadership
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